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Balloon sleeved dress in cotton crepe printed with blue flowers all-over on an ecru background. The neckline edged by a lace braid, the small V-shaped décolleté at the back, the head passage made easier by the 2 fabric-covered buttons in the shoulder seam, the ribbed pleats on the small yoke, the high waist, so many small details that embellish the classic cut of this dress. 
The hyacinth motif, exclusive to Emile and Ida, is executed in block print which is an Indian artisanal technique of printing with carved wooden blocks. Fabrics printed with block print age well but it is normal for the pattern to lose some of its intensity with each wash. This technique allows for a return to craftsmanship and the appreciation of the manual gesture. Manual means imperfection. We find indeed an irregular and imperfect side of the patterns, which also brings all the authenticity to the product.
Registered design
This piece is made in India

Jacinthe Dress

﷼368.00 Regular Price
﷼184.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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